Monday, March 31, 2008

Retrieving the honeycomb

As soon as the ladder was set our eldest son (three and a half) was up the tree reaching for the honeycomb. We had decided to postpone taking it down until after we got back from the Wisteria Festival in Sierra Madre on Sunday. At some point during the festival he had said "Dad, I wanna go home and take down the honeycomb." When he gets an idea, he becomes extremely focused.

Once retrieved, we saw that it contained no honey and probably never had. We think the honey colored sections were actually eggs but aren't sure. The ants had already been there for some time making it difficult to identify exactly what we were looking at.

The idea of melting it down also gave way to curio value of the object. It is really remarkable to handle. It is extremely light and delicate. A stick is encased, running diagonally through it and it has a really beautiful translucent quality when held to the light. So much for cakes and candles.

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  1. looks like pollen from here. They use it as food. It'll be different colors depending what flower they climbed on. You can scrape it out and eat it. Its sweet.

    I will send you some wax to play with from my bees if you want. Email me. In the guy from the urban beekeeper movie.


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