Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Great Strawberry Experiment

About two months ago on a walk with my sons, we stumbled upon a strawberry patch. The eldest spotted the small green fruit and exclaimed, "Mom, a strawberry."

The discovery inspired us to plant our own. I picked up six young plants at the local hardware store and threw them into the pots we had available. As a devoted slow learner, I'm a big fan of throw-it-in-some-dirt-see-what-happens style of gardening. I do my share of research and planning. That's what makes breaking the rules so fun. I used a few large pots for the bulk of the plants but decided to put the last two plants in small pots and try to grow them on a sunny shelf in my kitchen.

Witness my folly:

There was no amount of water to keep these plants happy. The poor things never had a chance. In the "duh" section of strawberry cultivation, they like large pots and need that extra soil to keep them drinking up the water.

Now I understand the age-old ubiquitous terra cotta strawberry planter.

The other four plants, however, are thriving and delicious.

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