Friday, April 25, 2008

The Bees Explained

In March, a swarm of bees adopted a California native cherry tree in our yard. They left abruptly after a week or so, leaving our family with a delightful honeycomb.

Why did they leave? I asked tough guy poet and urban beekeeper Jon Rolston.
"I think the answer is your bees had a hard time finding a new place to live and so started making comb just in case. But honey bees need a protected place to establish a real home. There are lots of predators out for their honey, their babies and them."
Should the bees return, I hope to be ready with a hive to offer that protection. Plans can be found at

Jon Rolston recently caught a swarm himself and had the wherewithal to put it into a hive. See pictures of the captured swarm and enjoy some good writing at

I learned of Rolston and his bees through this video by Matt Fisher via Boingboing.

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