Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Real Treasure of Sierra Madre--Neil the Pig

Neil has been around for at least a decade, although I was only introduced to him over a year ago. And what a fine friend he has become to my sons and me. He lives in the city of Sierra Madre, California, a tony foothill village community. He splits the yard with a few dogs and a kid's swing set.

My sons and I went to visit him about a month back only to find an empty yard. My heart sank with fear Neil had gone down the path that leads to bacon. To my delight, we returned to find our porcine friend fit and well. Neighbors and friends are welcome to feed him. However, the owners request that you only feed Neil lettuce or rice cakes. He's on a diet.


  1. what street is the pig on?

  2. On Montecito, south side of the street. I believe just west of Lima. The house is yellow with a white picket fence with a small alley to the east.


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