Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Upgrades at Camp Ramshackle

Since reading Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious cookbook, I've been in search of a decent steamer. Her recipes from entrees to desserts include pureed vegetables as a way of insuring that your kids eat their veggies. Plus, with the little one now eating baby food, I'm steaming up more food than usual.

The bamboo steamer didn't fit our existing cookware. A Calphalon steamer insert was too big. All came home and were promptly returned. I kept looking at this one:

The All-Clad 12 quart multi-cooker with two steamer baskets and lid. Granted, it's bigger than I had hoped. Despite the enormous size, she works like a champ. I look forward to hosting a big pasta dinner with pureed zucchini for the toothless set.

In addition to being the steamer I never had, the All-Clad replaces the large pot used for pasta cooking. The blue enamel pot was bought for about 25 pennies at a yard sale many moons ago. The All-Clad upgrade includes both handles as well. We never had it so good.

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