Friday, June 6, 2008

Carnage at Camp Ramshackle: Rabbit's head found this morning

This morning as I was waiting for our son to come into the house, I noticed that he had paused to look at something right outside the door: a severed rabbit's head.

At first we thought it was the work of one of our dogs, but on further investigation, it was more likely the scraps from a hawk's breakfast that the dog simply brought to our attention.

I went to look for the rest of the remains and was searching in the right area of the yard when our dog Trudy (the skunk chaser) found the leg of the rabbit. I could tell it wasn't her kill because she wasn't going nuts the way she does with one of her trophies. It also looked like it had been dropped neatly right where it lay. If the dogs had gotten it, it would have been dragged through the dirt and been covered in mud.

It is pretty gruesome but that's life. Hawks eat rabbits - most of the rabbit anyway.

A few minutes later, after we cleaned everything up and buried it, our son yelled "I found another piece of the rabbit!" When we went out to investigate this is what we saw:

What a morning. Maybe that hummingbird jinxed us?

Update: Several hours after publishing this post we found out that Mark Frauenfelder had kindly linked our humming bird post on Boing Boing. We have updated this post to move the most gruesome images of nature in action a click away. Our apologies to anyone offended by the graphic nature of the post.

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