Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Father's Day Gift Idea: Traditional Double Edge Razor

If you are wondering what to get your dad (or yourself) for father's day, you may consider a traditional double edged razor. The initial cost is a little higher than disposables or disposable cartridges but these fall under the "pound wise" category of purchases.

The cost of disposable runs about $2.00 per cartridge depending on what you buy while the Merkur double edged blades are about $0.60. That cost difference means that in 1 year you will have made up the cost of the set pictured.

Lets say you shave 5 days a week (5 x 52 = 260) divided by 2 uses per cartridge or blade - remember, the blades are double edged so you always shave with a fresh edge (260/2=130)
The cost of the cartridges would be $260 ($2.00x 130 new cartridges). The cost of the blades would be $78 ($0.60 x 130)

Savings: $182

The complete set pictured is on sale for $189

From what I understand it takes a little practice getting used to the fact that the head doesn't swivel like the cartridge blades do, so your wrist has to find the right angle, but from what I hear, the shave is equal to or better than the disposable cartridge type shave.

Other advantages: less material is thrown away than with a cartridge but, even better, the entire disposable blade is metal and therefore entirely recyclable. It doesn't require electricity and there are no messy batteries. It is a solid "real object" - no chrome plated plastic, no swooshes, graphics or embedded marketing. It forces you to slow down a bit, to develop technique, to be present and engaged in the activity.

If you budget is higher and your commitment stronger you may consider this seven day straight razor set from Dovo.

They'll run you about $1,200

Once you've gone that far you are only steps away from an artisan created family heirloom in the neighborhood of $1,000 for a single razor. Amazingly beautiful!

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