Monday, June 9, 2008

Planting Succulents

A bit of early morning replanting. From windowsill to pot.

Much better.

These little cuties I've heard called "hen and chicks" (if anyone knows the real name, please let me know). If the conditions are right, they grow like crazy with many small pods nested against each other like bubbles of boiling water. They push up and a few will dangle from the sides of the pot. I plucked these from my mother's plant. I hope they will be as prolific as hers.

Update: Thank you, Doc Quinn. Doc Quinn notes the plants in your photo are Sempervivum. Check out comments for more information.


  1. The plants in your photo are Sempervivum.

    More information can be found here

  2. My grandpa would plant these in old tea or coffee pots that he found on trash day.
    He would drill holes in the sides for the plants to poke out of.

  3. Only plants on the 3rd - lowest photo are Sempervivums. How semps look like? See my sempervivum blog


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