Monday, June 16, 2008

Raised Planter Bed Progress

job-site supervisor

We've been planning to build a raised planter bed for months. I wasn't able to finish it this weekend but we are very close.

The bed, when finished, will be 8 x 4 feet and about two and a half feet high. I used 2 x 10's for the sides and 4x4's for the posts. It is made of douglas fir so it will rot though in a few years, but that's how we like it here at Ramshackle Solid - kind of dilapidated, but in a nice way. Once it has completely fallen apart, we may decide we want to change the location or the materials.

I'm always happy when I get to use my Japanese hand saws. This time I used them to finish the cuts made with the skill saw.

The pieces of the box are cut, drilled and half assembled. Next I need to finish assembly, cover the bottom with hardware cloth to keep the gophers out and paint and prep the inside to slow the decay a bit. More to come.

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