Thursday, June 5, 2008

Skunk Spray Remedy - This works!

Tonight our dog was sprayed by a skunk.

We think skunks are living in our yard. If not they are near enough that each year our dogs are sprayed between 5-10 times. Initially we didn't have a clue about how to get the smell off the dog. We tried tomato juice, enzyme solution, tide, you name it. Nothing worked until we tried the following:

1 box of baking soda
1 container of hydrogen peroxide
1 or 2 table spoons shampoo

(other recipes call for a quart of hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda, etc. - we've found the 1 small box of baking soda to one small bottle of hydrogen peroxide to work well)

Mix ingredients in a bucket (You may want to wear gloves because the solution has a drying effect on the skin). Work the resulting paste into the fur of the sorry-ass-dog starting at the snout and working back toward the tail. You'll need to stir the solution a bit each time you apply another handful since it settles quickly. Make sure to get the ears, front legs, neck and chest since these are the areas most likely to be hit by the spray.

Trudy here is resolved to the fact that she is about to be decontaminated.

If you have solution left, sniff around the dog to try to find areas that need a second coat. Leave the solution on for a about 3-5 minutes once you have coated the animal. Rinse starting from the head and moving back. Make sure you get it all off otherwise she will itch a lot due to the dry skin.

You may not be able to get the smell completely out but from our experience this takes the odor down to the level where the dog can be allowed back in the house and it works better than anything else we have tried. If you are not satisfied try sniffing around the animal to see where the smell is still coming from. You may need a second coat in some areas. You will definitely not be able to get it out of her nose if she took a direct hit to the face but this is usually a small enough area that you'll be able to live with it.

Good luck.


  1. we've had really good results with Sauve Shampoo and you can use it too! Rainbow

  2. Anonymous - thanks for the Suave tip, and yes, this does work. We get a lot of traffic to this post from folks searching for skunk spray remedies.

    My fear is that folks look at this and think that no homemade cheap concotion will work and that they go and spend their money with a company that is selling skunk spray snake oil.

    We were actually thinking of packaging simple hydrogen peroxide and baking soda together with a dab of soap and boxing it all up in some reasuring packaging that says somehting like "Stinkaway!" but we are too honest for that.

    BTW - all of this is actually environmentally friendly too.

  3. That wouldn't be dishonest. That would be striking a blow for the environment vs. some crap manufactured by Monsanto that is full of chemicals that will eventually kill you and your dog! If you put the ingredients right on the box then you are being honest.
    Get on it! The dog world needs skunk remedy.


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