Friday, August 22, 2008

Birthday Apron

We are entering birthday season at Camp Ramshackle. First up is our friend Nate who celebrates his fourth birthday. Nate and my son met when they were eight and six weeks old respectively. What do to for a boy of four? I decided a work/art apron was in order. I pulled some fabric from my stash for applique.

The fabric is attached with fusible Steam-a-Seam, a trick I learned from Sally at Shim and Sons. I added some hand stitching with coat thread around the large circle a la Alabama Chanin.

I hope this apron will properly transformed and improved with paint, dirt and all the fun stuff that makes four a year to enjoy.

We made a card and sent off the package in a cigar "treasure box" with shells from our stop at the Colorado River in July (our first nature swap with Florida based Nate). Every child should have a treasure box.

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