Monday, August 25, 2008

Compost Pile Update

We are already seeing usable compost from our pile started in the beginning of July, although we won't take it out yet since it helps break down the new stuff. I decided to move the pile while adding to it this weekend since the bottom was already so well cooked. We could simply use a bin and add to the top, keep the new stuff covered and aerated, and harvest whenever it is done but this works faster and I also like the feeling of participation in the process that it gives me. It's kind of like obsessively tending to a camp fire except in super slow motion, and I don't think tending the compost pile bugs anyone else.

Once I moved as much of the drier top portion of the pile as I could to it's new location, I added the new stuff (about a week's worth of kitchen scraps) in layers, like a casserole.

Here it is, the next morning in it's new location (it was previously situated in the upper right of the screen). Through the miracle of content tagging, you can follow its history from the beginning.

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