Thursday, August 21, 2008

When in doubt... Eat It?

Well, probably not a good rule of thumb (see disclaimer below) but it turns out that the strange egg-like fungus that appeared in our yard a while back (which I mistook for a face sucking hatchling) is actually the aptly named Giant Puff Ball.

Much thanks to Ramshackle reader Hubert (a.k.a. ThuggyBear) for the identification. He says they are delicious if eaten before they begin to turn brown. lists it as one of America's best and safest wild mushrooms.

Ahh, from prey to predator - next time I'll pounce.

DISCLAIMER: You have to be out of your freaking mind to eat anything that you are not absolutely sure is safe to eat. Ramshackle Solid and it's contributors take no responsibility whatsoever for anything anyone chooses to put in their mouth. Happy Hunting.


  1. bummer, I kind of liked thinking of it as a face sucking hatchling... a little mystery in the city is a good thing. love the blog! did you decide on your fall veggies yet?

  2. Thanks! Haven't decided what to plant yet. I just finished filling the 4x8 bed I started making in late spring. I'll probably post about that soon. We might start with a few beans and figure out the rest as we go. I am inclined toward some more beans and some lettuces, maybe kale but need to double check what is best for the cooler weather. We don't have any experience with winter planting yet.



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