Wednesday, September 10, 2008

4th Birthday

The best way to start a fourth birthday is to turn a bowl into a hat with some help with dad. Then enjoy some birthday greetings from a great aunt and great grandma.

The inspiration for the bowl hat came when my son stumbled upon my bowl filled with paints that I was using to make these nesting dolls for him. "Mom, I want to paint a bowl too."

The nesting doll blanks were purchased from Golden Cockerel. The idea came from Mr. Monkeysuit who made these wonderful dolls for her son.

Ultimately, cake proved the most rewarding. Four years ago, this handsome sweet guy introduced himself with wide eyes. Our family was begun. Before I became a parent, I always heard other parents say the journey just gets better. Nothing is more true. First steps become a run. Scribbles become more developed drawings. First words become sentences. Then they evolve into stories. Some of the best stories I've ever heard.

Happy birthday big guy!

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