Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cook Book Shelf

In a small house, every space is valuable. These cook books claimed important counter space before they found a home on this crafted shelf. The two inch thick wood was a long plank generously gifted to us from Mister Jalopy. One side of the plank was perfectly square, the other side had begun to split. The straight side of the plank was quickly used for a project.

I had been brainstorming about what to do with the cook books and came up with the idea of adding a shelf above the pantry.

I remembered the beautiful thick split wood. I checked the measurements and it seemed like it would suit the project. Instead of fighting the split, I worked with it. Eric added a beveled edge with his Japanese handsaws on the left side. The wood was oiled with Watco Teak Oil. The bracket came from Anthropologie. Eric put it up as a Mother's Day gift.

This shelf is a favorite.

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