Thursday, September 18, 2008

Plants in the Ground

My oldest son and I planted this cilantro, mint and black kale while the youngest slept.

I've been obsessed with kale salad as of late and figured growing it myself was the best solution. I confess, I've already eaten leaves off of this small plant. It's growing well despite my raging appetite.


  1. black kale is totally addictive. and so easy to grow, it would just be a shame not to, right? How big is your container?


  2. I plan to plant some kale this weekend in the fall garden!

  3. Hi Liz and Bobbi,

    The black kale is in an 4'x8' raised planter bed. The cilantro and mint are in a oak wine barrel. I suspect the mint will take over the cilantro. I think I want to get some green kale in the ground as well. I'll post about my favorite kale salad on the site soon. And please keep RS posted on the kale planting/growing.


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