Friday, September 19, 2008

Refinishing Danish Modern Chairs

Eric and I picked up the Danish modern chair and loveseat at a thrift store in 2002. Together they cost $10. A good deal to be sure, but they needed a bit of work.

After letting the chairs...mature...outside for two years, I decided to start with the chair. Thanks to the weathering process, the existing varnish that had decayed to an unhealthy green-yellow hue and came off with easy sanding. I used my favorite, Watco Teak Oil, to seal the wood. Diamond Foam and Fabric cut to size new foam cushions.

The cost of reupholstering the cushions proved a bit steep for the bargain chair and loveseat. My sewing abilities were not at a level to take on the task. Eric came up with the splendid suggestion to clean the fabric. Surprisingly, a simple clean went along way. Buoyed by the success and relative ease of the chair refurbishment, I took on the loveseat. It required a bit more work. The straps needed to be replaced under the cushions. But the rest of the project moved fairly quickly.

Everyone but the dogs is thrilled with the results. Since the chairs came inside, the dogs no longer can sleep on them...when humans are around.


  1. quick question. how thick are the cushions? i'm trying to work on two old danish chairs myself.

  2. The seat backs are 3" and the bottoms are 4". What are you plans for finishing the chairs? I'm a huge fan of Watco Teak Oil. Best of luck with the work. Please keep us updated, yuyi.

  3. you did exactly what im trying to do now! thanks for the tips they look great.

  4. Good luck! Keep us posted on your progress.

  5. what I am looking to do, and cant find, is how to refurbish outdoor, weathered, adirondack,chairs.


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