Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rainwater Catchment in New Mexico

Tarik from the blog Moscaline posted about a rain catchment barrel (Bukkit) he recently installed. We'd like to do something similar here at Camp Ramshackle. Nearly all of our rain (between 10 to 20 inches annually on average) comes between October and April. We would like to catch and store as much as possible.

I think we'll probably need something more like what Tara Hui has installed in under her home in San Francisco.

More on Tarik's water barrels here, including a kind mention of this blog and our friends at Homegrown Evolution.

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  1. Excellent article on the SF water harvester! I would do that too if I did not need my basement for the bicycle dungeon. Actually, I would probably use it for shower water collecting for grey water reuse as our shower drain pipe routes through the basement on the way to the sewer.

    I probably will daisy chain other cheaper barrels to the big one as I become industrious, we get an unbelievable amount of runoff on the north side of our house. We needed a quick solution though once the gutters went in, so we splurged on a big tank with a well engineered overflow.


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