Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Supremely Ramshackle Shack

I really love this shack that I found on Tiny Candy . I love how cobbled together it is and how random the design appears. I aspire to build something this spontaneous looking and with such dedication to reuse.

[Note: I edited this post because I thought what I wrote would come off the wrong way - blogging is hard and should not be done late at night when you are tired.]

Link to the Supremely Ramshackle Shack


  1. have you ever seen these buildings? i think they are really great. Yours is really great too.


  2. that's awesome, thanks for the link!

  3. The link on Tiny Candy to the rest of the photos did not work, so here:


    or the photographer's (polaroid kidd ?) website


    These need to been seen to get the full context of the "ramshackle shack".

    Also, thanks ouryellowhouse for representing the pride of some of us Alabama crazies. Rural Studio's work is amazing. Link to some of my photos from the Sam Mockbee monument (r. studio founder) in Hale County Alabama.

    Cool post. Cool site.

    p.s. just made yall's granola recipe, loving it!

  4. Thanks for the links, Ben! Those pictures are amazing.

    And nice pics of the monument - really enjoyed seeing those.




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