Sunday, October 5, 2008

Does Anyone Recognize this Grub?

I found about 10 of these grubs at the bottom of my compost pile while turning it. At first I thought I saw a shrimp and thought "We don't eat shrimp, how'd that get there?" Then I realized there were many more and they were all burrowing away from the light.

The largest was about as big as my thumb but I let it get away as I looked on in stunned amazement. This one pictured is about as thick as my index finger and an inch and a half or so long.
It was difficult to take a picture of the top of it because it wanted to do a back flip down into the earth. Does anyone know what it is? Field guides are no good on this one.


  1. hi...I have giant grubs in my compost also. The entomologist in a gardening class I'm taking said they actually taste like shrimp, but I'll leave that to her.

    Try these people and I'll ask at my class next week.

  2. Why was this post not tagged "succulent"?

    Thats some serious grub! I look forward to learning what they turn into.

  3. Ha! Succulent! Maybe to the entomologist at katastrophik's class. Thanks for helping investigate and for the link,k.

  4. that will eventually grow into a large green iridescent beetle which eats fruit.

    They're a pest to fruit trees but my chicken and duck love them in both grub and beetle stages.


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