Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How Green is Your Garden?

Green as in how much money does it save you by growing it yourself? Roots In the City posed the question and links to others who have tracked the cost from seed to fork.

And green as in how does it affect your carbon footprint? Rambling LA's Ilsa Setziol explores the environmental impact of growing food in southern California where water travels such a vast distance before it ever comes out of the hose.


  1. good question. this year for us, not too green. but we intend to grow a lot more in our small backyard next year. replace the grass with raised beds and many flowers. we have already been daydreaming about what to do but we'll have to wait out the very cold new york winter first.

    thanks so much for linking to my blog. your blog is a favorite of mine and i usually have to restrain myself from commenting "that's so cool!" everyday.

  2. thanks for the link and also the link to Ilsa Setziol-- v. cool blog. I do feel guilty occasionally growing anything that's not dry-farmed. At least larger growers can have some kind of economy of scale with water-- my little beds seem water hoggy and self-indulgent by comparison.

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