Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jack-o-lantern #1

Halloween very well may be my favorite holiday. I'm not so "in" to the candy aspect, but I love home-made costumes, apple cider and the outdoors. Halloween is one of our few truly agrarian holidays. In a time where we spend much too much time indoors, Halloween takes us outside. Kids and parents alike venture to the pumpkin patch for a glimpse of plants in the ground, tractor rides, feeding farm animals, picking the perfect pumpkin and some good dirt stomping.

My oldest son drew the face of this jack-0-lantern. I cut it out. Sure, it's still early, but he is also a fan of Halloween. More pumpkins and carving are in our future after our own pilgrimage to the pumpkin patch. This early carved pumpkin seemed like the right project for the day.

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