Friday, October 31, 2008

Mei Tai

I've admired the mei tai for quite some time and thought it might be suitable for my youngest. Ever since I saw the amazing mei tai on two straight lines, I've had it on my list to attempt.

I followed the suggestions from Thanks to an unexpected long afternoon nap by my youngest, I was finally able to finish it. The fabric is mostly thrifted: an Ikea pillowcase, Crate and Barrel shower curtain. The blue twill is from my stash.

What I've learned: I think the top straps need to go closer to the top, like this mei tai from Amanda at SouleMama (and look how well it has aged).

I may take it apart in the future (or not) and make that adjustment. The baby sits fine in front, but when I move him to my back, the straps seem a bit too low to hold him securely, especially if he feel asleep. But he loves it now. Last night I caught him pulling the mei tai on the floor and wraping himself up in it.


  1. i LOVED mine...although i purchased it...but it is the best baby carrier around! i still wish miller could fit into it!

  2. My four year old helped me test it while my one year old slept. So who knows, maybe you might be able to convince Miller to get back in.


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