Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wooden Hooks Made from Our Olive Trees

A while back, Julia ordered some honey from Live Wire Farm in Vermont, and wrote about aspiring to make hooks like theirs from our own olive trees.

These are our prototypes - 2 singles and a double.

These first attempts turned out well enough to change the way I look at our trees. "If I trim that branch I could get 3 good hooks." Dangerous.


  1. I absolutely love the idea of getting as much use out of something as possible. This is great!

  2. these are lovely! now i want an olive tree to cut!

  3. Question. Why an olive tree?

  4. Ian,

    It's mainly because we have over a dozen olive trees (I can't seem to remember the exact count) in our yard and we trim some every year.

    Beyond that olive trees produce a nice strong, hard wood and they grow fast. A soft wood like pine wouldn't work very well - it wouldn't make a very strong hook, not to mention the sap.

    Most of we olive wood we trim we either chip into mulch or compost material, or we burn it in the fire place. This is just a way to produce something useful and somewhat artful from the resources on site, at our home.

  5. They look great. I'm going to try to make something like that with my grade seven class. We've got loads of Alder up here in the Northwest of British Columbia that would work for a similar project. Cheers. Love the blog!

  6. those are cool. how hove you finished those holes? they looked drilled with some kind of insert?

  7. The holes were finished with a counter sink bit so that the screw head will sit flush with the surface.

    Looking forward to your return Phoenix, See you friday!

  8. I love these! Another thing to add to my ever-growing to-do list...


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