Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Pigeon Pays a Visit

An unexpected visitor flew in today, this baby pigeon. Last week, Eric found a small bird thrown from the nest. Judging by it's long beak, we guessed it was a pigeon. Sadly, it did not make it. My guess is our visitor is from the same brood.

Curious and fearless.

The bird and boy both.


  1. Cool,
    when I was in college 'baby pigeons' and 'baby squirrels' were euphemisms for people who did lots of work (in the architecture studio for example) without ever being seen. I have seen pigeon eggs, but never baby ones. Good catch.

  2. That is a Ring Neck Dove. They are fearless and harmless, and thus are extremely vulnerable to predation, especially when young. They make great pets.


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