Friday, November 21, 2008

Bee Savior

Our friend Amy turned us on to the blog where the author sometimes writes about bees.

Porkfist says:
"The Backwards Beekeepers traveled south to remove two hives from the inside of a fence in Torrance yesterday. Have you ever had 20,000 confused, pissed-off bees flying around your head, other than during your last acid flashback? It's pretty great."

When we had a swarm start to build a hive in our tree back in April, I got really excited. After doing a little bit of research I found out that you need to be prepared before you find a swarm or you have no hope of catching it. If I had only known about Kirk Anderson, those bees would be with us today. Instead I later learned that they suffered a terrible fate at the hands of our neighbors exterminator after they left our tree for her clapboard house.

Kirk Anderson of Kirks Urban Bees appears to be a pied piper of bees in the L. A. Area.
I think I will be petitioning the Backward Beekeepers for membership momentarily.

Here is more of Kirk in action rescuing bees.

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