Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NHM Member Loan Program: Crow Skeleton

I caught this unexpected still life with crow skeleton when I peeked my head into the boys room the other day. It is further complimented by the wonderful gifted book The Giant Golden Book of Birds propped open to the two page spread entitled "Fishermen by Trade"

Did you know that the white pelican found in Europe and Asia is 65 inches long? I imagine that that would be stretched out from tip of beak to toe but still that's a good three feet standing height.

The things you learn.

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  1. Where was the crow skeleton gotten from? I've been looking everywhere for replicas for study with little to no luck.

    Lovely photos by the way =)

  2. Lauren, the crow skeleton came from the Los Angeles Natural History Museum member loan program. You can check and see if your natural history museum has a similar program (many do).

    Also, Acorn Naturalists has replica skeletons (in particular skulls), although I don't know if they have a crow one.


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