Friday, December 12, 2008

Bed Top Bivouac

The other day our son wanted to build his own house with a blanket. Remembering that we had some leftover eucalyptus branches I had cut to use as poles for the tipi Julia made, I came up with the idea of a bed top bivouac.

I cut the sticks using a pruning lopper, tied the x where they cross with twine and then used another piece of twine to tie the cross member on top. The bottoms of the vertical supports are held in place by the mattress rails. Then all you need is a blanket wide enough to reach across the whole thing.

It was fun to make, it is completely natural and it didn't cost a thing.


  1. That is lovely. I would have loved sleeping in one of those as a child

  2. if it wasnt for the 6 inches of snow on the ground my little lady and I would be ramshackiling this together in her captain bed


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