Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bulb Planting

My son and I recently read a book that mentioned amaryllis. My son was curious what it was. I showed him a picture and shared a story about his late great grandmother (Eric's grandmother) and how she loved amaryllis and always had one in her house this time of the year. We decided we would like to be like Nana and plant an amaryllis too.

Standing in the bulb section of our local hardware store, my son was mesmerized by the pictures on the tulip bulb package. "Mom, I want to plant this." I showed him the amaryllis, but he was smitten by the tulip. We decided on both.

Upon returning to our house, my son rushed inside. In the short time before I joined him, he had already opened the package, filled these glasses and put the "seeds" in the water to grow.

We decided they would do best in soil. The tulips have been planted. The amaryllis is in a pot.

And now we wait.

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