Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hand Made Gifts

After a brief unanticipated hiatus we are back to posting. Holidays, colds, exhaustion, excuse, excuse, excuse...

We normally wouldn't gloat over gifts we receive but the hand made gifts we received this year are worth mentioning.

Origami Crane ornaments from the Alaskan Poseys. (We plan to post more about them soon. They are homesteading on Pennock Island off of Ketchikan.)

Stuffed dogs also from Ketchikan Poseys. There is a story behind the one on the left but we'll leave that for another time.

Money clips for the whole family from Papa Posey. They are made from paper clips and California Quarters soldered with silver solder so that there is no lead. We are just keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to keep them all full.

From our talented friend Lynette, a robot for the small fry (this is actually the back - the front has the button eyes and an embroidered kind of atomic symbol) .

This one was not exactly made by anyone we know but it is an apron for Julia handmade by a very talented unknown seamstress and obtained at a garage sale by some good friends of ours.

We received many great gifts this year and love all of them but there is is just so much personality and sentiment embodied in a gift created by hand. We are especially grateful.


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