Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Arugula Ready to Bolt and Nasturtium Volunteers

As a proud arugula growing American, I found many in our garden on the cusp of bolting. I'm hoping to stave off the bolt by pinching off the nascent buds. If the greens have not gone bitter, I hope to make a large batch arugula pesto to freeze.

In another patch of our yard, the nasturtium army continues to gain ground. This hearty patch was here when we moved into our house almost seven years ago. It's like a welcome old friend that rolls into town around this time every year.


  1. I just love Arugula and plan on growing it this spring/summer. I'm in Portland. I was wondering what you mean by the term bolt - as in "the cusp of bolting."


  2. Hi Brett,

    Bolting is what it's called when plants (usually lettuces)shift their energy from leaf production to flower/seed production. Few if any new leaves are produced after this process starts and often the plants become a bit more bitter.

    Here is a good thread I found on growing arugula in different climates. Good luck!


  3. I love that ground cover that you're using - how long did it take to take control of your yard like that? It looks great!

  4. Salisbury Homes, it's nasturtium. It was already established when we bought the house. Nasturtium grows extremely well and it reseeds itself.


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