Monday, January 12, 2009

Backwards Beekeepers Meeting Jan. 2009

I attended the first Backward Beekeepers meeting of 2009 yesterday and am really excited about it. I am in total agreement with the no chemical, all natural approach to beekeeping taught by the resident expert Kirk Anderson. Kirk's straight forward approach and infectious enthusiasm leaves you thinking that it would be impossible not to keep bees and likewise impossible to do it any other way than "backwards" I can't wait to get our first hive of feral bees going as soon as possible.

The events of the day included watching a movie of the removal of 2 feral bee hives from BB member Steve's fence. The bees still reside with Steve and his family only now they are contained in hive boxes so that the excess honey can be harvested.

Our host Leonardo had a similar story. He originally contacted Kirk for the chemical free bee removal service but ended up keeping the bees and joining the club. (BTW - check out the flickr pictures to see Leonardo's square foot garden and his awesome view.)

I will be off to the Los Angeles Honey Company for our bee smoker and other supplies as soon as I have a spare moment.

The Swarm
Retrieving the Honeycomb
Bee Saviour


  1. Hey, can you post ahead of time for the next meeting? I wanna join up!

  2. Yes I will. The club also has a yahoo group which you can join here:

    That is the best way to stay informed. Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

  3. Hey Eric,

    We've got bee envy!!! Way cool.


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