Friday, January 30, 2009

Bees in Our Future

Feral bees have taken over the dogs' water bowl. Each morning at least 15 are around at any given time. Maybe these busy bees might become the first in our hive.


  1. Cool! Do you lure them in with a cup of tea, a good book and a comphy arm chair? How does it work? I thought you had to have a queen already to start a hive. But I am just the daughter of an ex, amature keeper (with timid aspirations to keep my own) so I don't yet know.

    Lovin' the bee news, keep it comin'.

  2. When Bee's Swarm it's because they are looking for a new hive, or at least that's one reason.

    I've provided a place for Ferals, and am curious to see what happens as well.

  3. The bees have likely decided your dog's bowl is a good source of water. A hive needs a reliable source of water and I've read that once the bees find what they think is a good water source (you dog's bowl) they are not easily deterred.


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