Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fava Bean Pollination - Hurray!

Our Fava beans have been producing flowers for over a month without a single pod generated out of the group. We intentionally planted them earlier than is recommended because we wanted to see what would happen. Will we get an early crop of beans? Well, so far no but while I was down in the garden this weekend I saw a lone bee collecting nectar or pollen from our fava flowers. Hurray! The optimist in me hopes that this is a scout who will report back to the hive and really generate some excitement.

So far this is all we are seeing - wilted flowers and no pods. Go bees, go!


  1. hey!

    i'm having the exact same problem! did you ever get any beans? what is going on?

  2. We have Bean's starting now. In l.a. I think it's best to plant favas in jan. for some reason the bees don't want to touch them before that - or there just aren't enough active bees to pollinate them. Some plants take several visits before they set.

    Good luck!

  3. In NC, my favas have been blooming all winter - nice sweet scent in the garden. I've seen many bumblebees interested in the flowers, but only a handful of beans so far. Hopeful ...


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