Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gifted Grapefruits from Reseda

Good friends of ours brought over some grapefruit as a diner gift the other night. They were purchased from a man for a dollar who reported that they came from Reseda the neighborhood where my grandmother lived.

My grandmother, Nana, had an enormous grapefruit tree in her back yard. My father used to bring my brother and I over there to harvest dozens of grocery bags of fruit - sometimes 60 or more. We would keeps several bags for my Nana, take some for ourselves, give some to the neighbors and always deliver some to the nuns who taught at the school associated with my grandmothers church.

I used to like bringing them when I was a teenager. The nuns were usually grumpy when we'd knock on the door but then as they approached and saw that we were loaded grapefruit from Lillian they would always cheer right up and give us a big smile.

I can't wait to juice a couple and eat a couple.


  1. You're going to be a shoo-in in heaven for delivering those grapefruits to the nuns. :)


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