Sunday, January 25, 2009

Machine Project Terrarium Raffle Prize

Last night I attended a Machine Project members event and it was awesome. I can't tell you everything I saw because I was sworn to secrecy, but I won this wonderful Machine Project terrarium which is now prominently featured on the Ramshackle mantle. The terrarium is a self contained system. No need to water it, just keep it out of the sun was what I was told. A lovely example of self containment.

If you are not familiar with Machine Project, it is an artist collective founded by Mark Allen. They teach lots of DIY classes geared at artistic application of technology and technique. I have been an admirer and recently became a member thanks to a gift membership. I have wanted to take a class at Machine Project for some time and was totally blown away with the LACMA takeover they did recently. Now I am a full blown evangelist.

Check out the list of upcoming classes.
Become a Machine Project member.


  1. oh, I am so jealous. if you've ever been in their basement you've seen Mark's carnivorous plants and other lovelies. I've coveted them forever. Now you have one! Sigh...

    Hi back to Julia from yesterday. We haven't tried our mead yet--but should soon!

  2. Hey there, glad you like the terrarium! I was just thinking I can't remember if I added enough water in the beginning. Open it up and make sure the soil is moist (but not totally flooded). If it seems dry you can add some water. Every once in a while you can open it up for a minute to circulate the air a little. It will do best in indirect light - not dark, but not with the sun shining directly on it. Feel free to email me if you have questions on the care, and if it thrives and the stuff grows send me a picture!

  3. Hi Mark,

    The timing of your comment is perfect. Just yesterday I was noticing that the condensation which was originally present was almost non existent so I added about an ounce of water.

    Thanks again. I'll let you know how it goes.


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