Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tidying Up the Pantry

A small step for Camp Ramshackle, but a giant step for the pantry. I've been looking for a better storage system of our dry goods, spending many a moment searching for the perfect solution: containers that fit our shelves, are made of clear glass, have a mouth large enough to fit a measuring cup.

Meanwhile, chaos takes hold of the pantry. Bags of rice pile precariously on top of each other, beans multiply in bags, who-knows-what-else hides behind all of that, and a sesame seed bag absconded by the youngest is distributed across the floor.

So I decided better was good enough for the time being (or forever...whichever lasts longer). Enter the classic Ball jar, a welcome improvement.

Martha at Uniform Studio wrote about a similar predicament with her studio. She eloquently talks about the space around us, how it affects us, and making the most of what we have. She also makes some beautiful handmade clothing. I recently received my pair of these armwarmers, just in time for cooler weather.


  1. Hey Julia,

    Kelly of Kelly & Erik here. I've finally got my google reader going and am now actively stalking the blogs of everyone I know! Anyway, just had to say that we've also recently made the transition to ball jars in the pantry. It's definitely a Good Thing. Now I just need more shelves.

    Nice arm warmers, too, btw.

  2. Hi Kelly! Good to hear from you. You two have been on my mind. I've been wondering how your meade turned out.


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