Saturday, February 7, 2009

Apricot Flower Buds

Our Apricot tree is flowering early this year. Maybe this will catch the squirrels off guard and we'll get an actual apricot or two.


  1. Oh pretty! I just got a bare-root nectarine tree from the TreePeople giveaway this weekend. I'm hoping with all the rain this month it'll get well-established and fruit next year, maybe. How long did it take for your apricot to bear fruit (or did the squirrels eat every single bud)?

  2. The apricot tree was here before we owned the house. Oddly, the biggest harvest was when we first moved in almost seven years ago. Since then, the squirrels reign victorious and have eaten (in some years) all of the fruit. They look cute but can be quite beastly, those selfish squirrels.


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