Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Raised Planter Bed Started

This weekend I started another planter bed. I wasn't too far off my optimistic estimate of "a week or two" 3 weeks ago. And this time, as we had hoped, we were able to use salvaged wood. (the wood was previously used for a temporary wall in our friend David's gallery - By the way, David Patton Los Angeles is hosting an artist talk tonight with artist Aaron Brewer which looks really interesting)

I started by creating a level spot in line with the first bed where the new bed would be located.

After cutting the lumber to the same size (7'5" was the size that led to the least waste - most boards only needed to be trimmed an inch or two) I attached the lengthwise bottom boards to the posts, then propped each up and then attached with a temporarily attached piece of scrap 2x4 then attached the widthwise lowest boards.

Once I had the 4 posts connected, I tipped the whole thing up on its side while I dug the holes for the posts. For me this is faster and easier than measuring and squaring etc. I set the frame back down into the holes, see how it fits, tip it back up and repeat until it sits the way I want it.

Before filling in the holes I temporarily tacked two of the boards I'll use later on the sides to the tops of the posts lengthwise. This is just to give the structure some rigidity while I fill the holes, staple on the hardware cloth and attach the sides.

The sun went down and it was time to stop but the bed frame was level and the bottom was filled with dirt. When I get back to work on it I'll level out the dirt so that it is even and at a level just below the 2x4's that frame the bottom of the bed. Then I'll staple or nail on the hardware cloth that will keep the gophers out and add the rest of the sides.

More on this project to come. I am excited about the forecast for rain in L.A. this weekend but I half hope it lets up long enough for me to finish this project.

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