Friday, February 6, 2009

Permaculture Video from 1989

I stumbled upon this great video on Ramshackle reader jengod's blog a couple of days ago. It features the father of the permaculture movement Bill Mollison discussing how he came up with the system and the basic concepts involved. It is definitely dated (I love the computer design dramatizations) and the permaculture rap is funny/embarasing but once you start I bet you'll have a hard time not watching the whole thing. Lot's of good information and food for thought.

It's a little long for todays short format appetite so here are some highlights incase you have a particular interest:

9:20 Origin of the term permaculture
10:10 Balcony scale permaculture
28:50 Chickens (including an awesome chicken animation @ 29:35)
33:40 Bees
37:18 Permaculture rap (if you like this check out the big bang animation at

Via Jengod blog

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  1. This is awesome! I only watched a bit but I can't wait to watch the rest when I have some time...

    Great blog, by the way!



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