Monday, February 23, 2009

Tour of Califonia Chalk Score

This Saturday the boys and I went to the Tour of California stage 7 start in Santa Clarita. It was really cool to see the same teams that race in the Tour de France up close.

If you haven't heard Lance Armstrong is back racing again. He says it's to promote his Lance Armstrong Foundation. Here he is doing his stage 7 sign-in interview.

Judging from the indulgence with the Live Strong chalk we brought home and the heightened interest on bikes I think the event made an impression.


  1. I need to make it out to that race some day. I am really impressed with the livestrong yellow trousers on the young one...

  2. You should - and let us know if you are out this way! It was really cool. I wish I had enough energy to get back to Pasadena to watch the circuit finish at the Rose Bowl but I was beat after 2 hours in the crowd with the two boys.

    BTW - loved your post about the cross country ski race.


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