Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Prior to moving to the house we live in now, I walked or rode my bike to work nearly every day for about 4 years. It was easy because I only lived about a mile from work (2 different jobs). My bike at the time was a heavy 60's era Schwinn 3 speed "racer." When we moved to the new house, the hills and extra 2 miles made riding much more difficult but when my job moved 14 miles away to Burbank, the bike became obsolete, then came kids, excuse, excuse, etc.

I finally bought this, not particularly fashionable reconfigured bike from my friend Mr. Jalopy at his shop in Silverlake: Coco's Variety. Cocos is awesome - part urban mercantile, part second-hand store, part secret hipster hot spot.

The bike is a (guessing) '70's era Cyclone 10 speed frame with mountain bike components and handle bars (so that's 15 gears now - just enough to get my decrepit bones over the hills and 15 miles to work)

I added my old lights, a rack and panniers (also from Coco's) then tested the panniers out with a quick beer run. Mission accomplished. After one more training ride I'll start my commute rides with one a week to begin. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Good inspiration for me to start biking to work again. It's hard to put into the words the importance of a good bike shop.

  2. I'm impressed. Be careful out on the streets!

  3. Alright Ian, you start biking to work and we'll start a support group/biker club where we'll gripe/brag about our sore muscles and trade tales of cycling heroics which will hopefully impress Mel all the more.

    Thanks Mel, for the support and kind words of concern.

  4. When I started bike commuting (previously worked from home) a friend advised to become totally dedicated. Don't even consider driving as an option, otherwise you'll find any old excuse to not ride. Ultimately, it was excellent advice.


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