Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Basil from Seed

Preparing pots for basil. I planted some old seeds in tin cans last week. As of today, still no sprouts. I'm going to try some newer seeds and see how that goes. Ilsa at RamblingLA wrote a nice post about planting basil seeds with your kids.

These pots are marked for a fundraiser for my son's preschool. In May, the school holds a big carnival with a handmade and garden booth amongst all the games and music. We look forward to it each year.


  1. Did you start them indoors or out? It's been cold here at night. I started mine indoors and put them in the laundry room, near a window.

  2. I started them outside. I suspect that was part of the problem. The seeds were also very old...found in a dinosaur egg with fossilized feathers. I started a new batch with new seeds. I hope for success.


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