Friday, March 13, 2009

Melissa's Worms

Our friend Melissa started her adventure with worms this past Christmas when her wonderful boyfriend made her a worm bin as a gift. It's a pretty cool design with a charcoal filter in the lid to keep the smells to a minimum.

Mel gets huge points in my book for overcoming her repulsion to worms and for apartment composting. She proves that you don't need a big yard, or really any yard for that matter to compost your kitchen waste.

You can read more about Mel's foray into vermiculture here:
No Idea What in the Worm I'm Doing

I also noticed that the Mikey and Wendy at Holy Scrap Hot Springs are selling worms now. If you need worms, check 'em out.


  1. as an apartment dweller i am very interested about this and the compost project. thanks for the info and links.

  2. Clearly I'm behind on my reading. :) Thanks for posting. I harvested a few handfuls of compost from the bin this weekend and saw lots of little baby wrigglers wandering around amongst the newspaper and food scraps. A good sign! I may even move on to being a 2-bin farmer soon.


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