Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Desk for the Shack

Some days I work from home. It spares the commute, I get to have lunch with the family and simply not be in the office. Our small house is not conducive to a productive day when the kids are home so lately I have been working from the trailer. It's ok but yesterday I decided to set up shop in the shack, using some scrap wood to make a desk.

I love fancy furniture that uses free edges (like the work of George Nakashima) but we can't afford that and so have found our poor folk version of it: The split board.

We first used this accidental technique with the cookbook shelf, and in fact the desk top pictured is a section of the same board which was left outside until it split in two. The split followed the wood grain around a knot and we just went with it.

This time I didn't sand it or do anything to it. I like it just how it is. The supports were cut from a scrap from the floor joists on the shack. They screwed to the vertical 2x4's.

There is a space in the back that would allow a pen to fall but the tilt of the screen puts the bottom of the computer out exactly three and a half inches away from the wall anyway. I'll fill in the gap with a 2x4 if the gap becomes annoying but for now I like the minimalist aspect of it.

As you can see, it accommodates all of the essentials: computer, coffee cup, note pad and pencil, and phone (not pictured because it was used to take the picture). I am pleased with the outcome and in fact, submitting this first post from the chair in the photo.

Cook Book Shelf
Ramshackle Shackitecture

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