Friday, March 6, 2009

Owly Stencil Shirt

My son picked up a copy of Andy Runton's Owly Tiny Tales when we were at the library. I saw him at a table flipping through it before he brought it to the front desk for checkout. Little did I realize then what a treasure he had discovered.

Owly is a comic book/graphic novel series sharing stories of a big hearted owl. Runton skillfully presents tales of friendship and the human spirit ironically through a group of close knit animals. And he accomplishes this without words. The story is driven by illustration alone. I'm amazed at the depth of emotion Runton evokes by his images.

In homage to a new deeply loved friend, I made an Owly shirt for my son.

Owly series:
The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer (v. 1)
Owly Volume 2: Just A Little Blue (v. 2)
Owly Volume 3: Flying Lessons (v. 3)
Owly Volume 4: A Time to be Brave (v. 4)
Owly Volume 5: Tiny Tales (v. 5)

Great freezer paper stencil tutorial from Angry Chicken inspired by Craftster.

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