Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ready for Bees

This weekend I finished assembly of our beehive by painting the outside. We have 3 boxes right now. When we get our bees we'll start with one box (or super) and add the the others as the colony expands.

These are medium boxes which each hold 10 frames. When full of honey they will weigh 60 pounds each as opposed to about 90 pounds for the deep boxes you often see in professional apiaries.

This is one of the frames with the starter strip inserted near the top and painted with uncontaminated organic bee's wax (thanks Kirk!) With backwards beekeeping we don't use foundation (pre-stamped honey comb starter) because we believe that letting the bees draw comb the way they want it is better for the bees.

For more pictures and explanations check out our flickr set: Getting Ready for Bees and this recent post on the Backwards Beekeepers blog.


  1. Eric, Can I suggest getting an epi-pen just in case? Aaahh!

  2. just have to say...i am so jealous. can't wait to watch this unfold...

  3. Ha! Good suggestion Maryellen! you know our family motto is "Nos damno anaphylaxis" (trans: anaphylaxis be damned)

    Tracy, you should come to the next Backwards Beekeepers meeting. It was just scheduled for 3/29 near Chinatown. Here's a link to the Yahoo! Group Backwards Beekeepers Its a great group of people.

  4. I'd better get a taste of that honey, sugar. We have so many bees with all our native plants, that one day I hope we follow your lead.

  5. You should join the Backwards Beekeepers, Miss Ilsa! And, of course, I'll share our honey harvest.


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