Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sugar Cane from Solano Community Garden

I pretty much missed the whole backwards beekeeper meeting this month. By the time I got there everyone was leaving but I was lucky enough to get a tour of the Solano Community Garden from Sebastian, the garden manager (it was the site of the meeting).

One of the many cool things growing at the garden is sugar cane. Sebastian gave me a piece that was trimmed from one of the plants.

He told me how you can grow sugar cane from cuttings just like bamboo. Where the joints form sprouts emerge. Just cut a sprouting section and put it in the dirt.

We put two cuttings in some plastic pots to get them going with just the tips of the sprouts above ground.

Then we watered them and mulched them with the trimmings from the larger piece that we didn't use. The trimmings will dry up and act like a straw mulch. I think plants like to have their own leaves as mulch since that's what they'd mostly get if they were left alone.

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