Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cherished Childhood Relic Resurrected

I received this book as a Christmas present when I was six. My mother brought it over recently. I didn't recognize the cover of Big Bird's Busy Book but immediately remembered it when I opened it up. I spent hours and hours pouring over this book. I love the classic Sesame Street optimism captured in the pictures, stories and projects. My oldest son is captivated by the book.

Published in 1975, the book is "full of things to make and do" as Big Bird says on the first page. Oscar the Grouch opens the book with a "Save Your Junk" letter.
Dear Reader ...It has come to my attention soMe of YOU have been throwing away valuable TRASH! Well, STOP!
Oscar lists trash items to save for the projects in the book. Projects include "How to Make a Grouch-O-Phone", Luis's Fingerprint Pictures and Cookie Monster's Butterfly Cookies among others. While my youngest son napped, my older son and I went to the kitchen post-haste to make Butterfly Cookies.

We decided we will make every single project in the book.

The youngest was impressed with our confection. He looked at the cookie and in his nascent speech said, "Butterfly."

One project accomplished. We look forward to the next one.

Big Bird's Busy Book Starring Jim Henson's Muppets is out of print, but I saw some for sale on Amazon through third party vendors. The price range is extreme, starting at less than a dollar and going up to $190 for a mint condition copy. I'm so glad my copy is worn and ragged from use but still holding together so I can share it with my kids.


  1. Oooh I LOVE the older Sesame Street books! They were so loved around here, most of them disintegrated!

  2. now that you mention it, i think i had this book! i am going to have to dig though my mother's closet to see if i can find it.

  3. I definitely had this book as a youngun! The cover shoots pangs of nostalgia through my, uh, stomach?

  4. Oh it's so awesome that you have something like that. My parents keep everything and my oldest son adopted one of my ken barbie dolls. For an entire year he carried that Ken, which he named Shawn, everywhere he went but without any clothes on the doll. You wouldn't believe the looks we would get because our 3 year old son was carrying a naked doll. oh some people!

  5. OMG, I haven't seen that book in, well, about 35 years! I had it too, and I totally recognized the cover. I wonder if my mom still has it somewhere . . . I think she got it as a PBS pledge drive gift.

  6. Let me know if you find your old books. I'll make a flckr group to post our projects. My son is going through the book right now. On to another project.

  7. We have our book! (but page 47 - Rainbow Race - had the pieces trimmed from the bottom. Any chance one of you could scan and email us the page???)
    Thanks! ~Leslie
    felicity01 at yahoo dot com

  8. Hey Leslie,

    Sure, np. It'll take a few days but will do!

  9. Thanks so much sharing your family's passion for this book! I just found a nearly new copy at a library book sale for 30 cents and it's wonderful. Thanks for putting it on my radar.


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