Friday, April 24, 2009

Finch Trapped in Trailer

Upon returning home from picking my son up from school, I saw our trailer door was open. I shut it and went inside the house to make lunch. Little did I realize my simple housekeeping measure had created a trailer aviary.

When I headed back outside within the hour, I saw a bird fly up to the front window in a vain attempt to escape. In that glimpse, I figured it was a sparrow or a finch. My oldest had already discovered the bird and was inside the Streamline with it. My youngest and I joined him and saw our captive was indeed a female finch.

We opened the front door to the right of the louvered window and stood to block the off the rest of the trailer. We watched her confused frightened search for escape. She flew from the side window to the front, pausing and perching after each flight. After about three minutes dancing back and forth, she ventured farther and found freedom. For a brief moment, her tiny body was framed by the door. She greeted the world with an excited trill.

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